The states that are covered by the Inland  plains are Alabama,Kentucky, and Tennesse.  This area is good for tobacco and dairy farms.  The horses and cattle eat the blue stem grass found on the plain.  

The Ouacita mountains are in Central Arkansas.  The farmers farm some of the land,but the Ouacita mountain region is best known for its timber, mining, and for hot springs.

The Ozark Plateau is often called  the Ozark Mountains. It also has rugged hills, deep valleys, and swift streams that give the region beauty.  It is found in Northwest Arkansas.  Thick forests and under brush cover most of the Ozark Mountains.  In the Northeast and Northwest sections of the Ozarks they graze livestock, raise poultry, and grow fruit. 
Corn and wheat  are also raised in some parts of the Ozark Plateau.   

The Fall Line is the border between low lands and high lands.  It is where the Costal Plain and Piedmont Plateau meet.  Water falls are formed where the highlands and lowlands meet.  

One water characteristic  the Southeast has is  the Atlantic Ocean on the east side of the border.  The Southeast also has the Gulf of Mexico south of its border.  The Southeast also has the mighty Mississippi running through it.  The four major tributaries of the Mississippi include the Missouri River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, and the Red River.  These bodies of water are important to the region's economy and helps make transporting things easier.