We are going to tell you about farming in the Southeast. First we will tell you about peanuts, peanuts need four or five months to grow. They are raised on the Coastal Plain in Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. Peanuts grow especially well between southwestern Georgia and southern Alabama. Georgia harvests about 500,000 tons of peanuts yearly. Georgia is the leading state for peanut production. Georgia raises 3 times as many peanuts as any other state! Peanuts are valuable for all their uses. Half of the nations peanuts are made into peanut butter. About 25% of peanuts are roasted and eaten as snacks. The rest of the peanuts are pressed into oil which has many uses.                                                                              
     Now we will tell you about tobacco. Tobacco is grown on the Piedmont Plateau  and Coastal Plain. 90% of tobacco raised in the U.S.A is raised in the Southeast. The leading state is North Carolina. It is planted in the early spring and is harvested in July. After harvest they put tobacco in a barn for 1-3 weeks to dry and this is called curing Then the tobacco is put in a hogshead for 3 years or longer which is called aging.  Finally the tobacco is sold to companies that make cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

           Now we are going to tell you about rice. The leading state for rice is Arkansas. Arkansas gets plenty of rain.  They get 49 inches of rain per year. Arkansas has a long growing season. Rice is planted by airplane over flooded fields or by high speed planting drills pulled by tractors  
   Now we will tell you about cotton. The leading states for cotton are Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Cotton is planted in late April and early May. They harvest in September by large machines. Around one fourth is harvested by hand. 
     Now we will tell you about soybeans. All the Southeast states raise soybeans. The leading states are Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. All the Southeast states raise soybeans.
       Now we will tell you about land no longer good for growing crops. On land that is no longer good for crops they breed and grow livestock. Georgia is the leading state for producing broilers. Broilers are young chickens raised for market.                                                                                                  
    Now  we will tell you about fruits and veggies. Oranges,grapefruit, and other types of citrus fruits are raised in Florida. 70% of our countries citrus fruits are grown in Florida. 50% of the worlds grapefruit are raised in the state of Florida. Apples are grown on the west part of the Piedmont Plateau in Virginia.Peaches are grown in Georgia and South Carolina. Sweet Potatoes are raised in the sandy soil of the Costal Plains of the Carolinas. Along the coast of the Southeast vegatables like celery, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and cabbages are grown. About 100 million grapefruit trees now grow in Florida. A full grown Florida orange tree can have as many as 1,250 oranges on it per season. Each year Florida produces about 32 billion six ounce glasses of orange juice. That's enough to give each person in the world four glasses of orange juice. If you drank six ounces of orange juice every day you'd drink more than 17 galloons of it in one year. 
                Now we will tell you about chickens and poultry. The Southeast is very popular for the raising of chickens. 8 of the top 10 states that raise chickens are found in the Southeast.
       Now we will tell you about sugar cane. Sugar cane is a tall plant that grows in tropical and semitropical countries. They grow 7 to 30 feet high and about 2 inches in  diameter. The fiber in the sugar cane cane be made into fiber board and paper. Sugar cane is also made into sugar.
        This is why the Southeast is good for growing cash crops, because of the warm climate, long growing seasons, and a lot of rainfall.

by: Jaydon, Nathan, Brian