BY: Stephen, Alex,Haley

  These are some of the things the they catch in the Southeast. Some of the finfish are mullet, grouper, red snapper, tuna marlins, and menhaden. These are shellfish they catch clams, oysters, shrimp, crabs, lobster, and scallops.  Sponges are also gathered from the Atlantic Ocean.  Louisiana gathers 25% of the shrimp and shellfish in the United States.  Mississippi harvests 50% of all oysters gathered in the United States. Mississippi also gathers 25% of our nations shrimp.  Louisiana and Mississippi together harvest 50% of our countries shrimp.

 We will also talk about industries in the Southeast. Many clothing factories in the Southeast use the resource of cotton.  Many Food plants in the Southeast use the resource of fruits, veggies, and livestock.  Many factories that make cigaretts,cigars, and pipe tobbacco use the resource of tobacco.  Many sawmills and factories that make paper and furniture use the resource of trees from the Appalachian highlands (half of our countries furniture is made in the Southeast).  Many petrochemical industries use the resource of petroleum and natural gas.

  We will be teaching you about coal mining in the Southeast.  Coal is mined in the Southeast especially in the Appalachian Mountains.  Coal mining is most common in West Virginia and Kentucky.   Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee are other states that mine a lot of coal.  Much of our countries coal is found in the Southeast. Technology has helped to make coal mining safer and faster.  The coal industry is an important part of the U.S economy.  4/5 (80%) of todays coal is shipped to power plants.  More than half 50% of our countries electricity comes from plants that burn coal.  Phosphate rock is also mined in Florida.  80% of our countries phosphate rock is mined in Flordia and is made into fertilerzer to be used for crops.  Iron ore is mined in the Appalachian Mountains.  Iron ore is used in producing steel.  Oil is mined in the states of Kentucky and Mississippi.  Loiusiana is third in oil and natural gas production.  Mississippi is also a top oil production state.  Kentucky is a very important state for mining.